Our formal curriculum includes English, Chinese and Putonghua, Mathematics, General Studies, Religious Education, Physical Education, Music, Visual Art, Computer Literacy, Library and Personal Growth Education. Our life-wide learning programme that works alongside the formal curriculum enables our students to learn through interesting projects, talks, visits, and field trips with the aim of achieving a “Whole Person Education”. In addition, the School incorporates various Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) into the normal lessons based on the concept of “learning through doing”. We strive to develop self-directed learning and the multiple intelligences of our students.

We believe that language learning is more effective if we provide primary school students with a stimulating and linguistically rich environment. A unique language policy has been adopted in our curriculum. We aim to offer our students an early and enriched English language programme, starting with using English as the medium of instruction in 20% of our General Studies lessons at lower primary levels, and gradually increasing it to 80% at upper primary levels. English is also used as the medium of instruction in our Religious Education lessons in which stories of God’s teaching, role models of Jesus and his followers and Christians’ life during the Early Church time are covered. Three full-time native-speaking English teachers are employed to teach students English communication skills and organise extracurricular activities, such as English Club, Drama Club, choral speaking and journalist workshops, etc. Equally, Putonghua receives due attention. Chinese lessons are taught in Putonghua starting from J. C. 4, with an aim to expose our students to sound language acquisition habits from an early age. Small class education is also implemented in Chinese and Mathematics to cater for the diverse learning needs of students.

In various disciplines, such as Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education and Computer Literacy Education, we encourage students to participate in different kinds of training and competitions to gain invaluable experience for themselves. Additionally, moral education and student growth education is critical to personal development. We focus on nurturing our pupils with an optimistic and positive attitude, and active participation in community service. Our counselling team organises a series of student growth and moral education programmes and activities to promote positive attitudes, to boost their confidence and to encourage them to serve the needy.

Our school embraces an all-round education and provides a multi-faceted learning environment for our boys with a variety of co-curricular activities. These activities include music and speech, ball games, swimming, fencing, journalism, debating, leadership training, community service, educational visits and field trips, reading schemes, topic-learning projects, STEM projects and health education programmes, etc. Through these activities, we strive to stretch our students’ potential in different areas, developing their creativity, communication, collaboration and problem solving skills. We also have various school teams and groups, such as Senior and Junior Choirs, Instrumental Groups, Sports Teams, Choral Speaking Teams, etc. Service Groups include the CYC, Cub Scouts, school prefects and many others.